Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vors Bras

Vors Bras, bras with an air navigational radio aid which uses phase comparison of a ground transmitted signal to determine bearing. (This term is derived from the words "very high frequency omnidirectional radio range.") Try a Vors Bra today. MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN ON THE GO!


  1. 2 blogs each- get us.

    I have a feeling that this technology was pioneered by someone at my college- RCA. It's the ugliest building, next to the Albert Hall, but I have to say a there is something about it's brutal look I like. Expect the bra is a bit brutal- especially with all the talk of electronic signals and cancer.

    Wonder if the bra has a hands free loudspeaker- YOU ARE HERE....

    My scarf collection grows daily!

  2. Yes, we're expanding our operations!
    I noted I could go on forever with these and thought I should clump them together. Must go to a party now, so will work more on it tomorrow.
    I imagine it to be a very ugly bra and yes, cancerous to boot, which is why it will probably be very popular. I'm speaking to my lawyers as we speak. (Only kidding of course).

  3. I don't understand the thinking behind a bra that is wired to the universe, more to the point, how is it 'activated,' during an emergency.

    And what about men and children- jockstraps and bobblehats perhaps?

    Just going to activate my .....

  4. Oh that sounds ideal. The Vors Straps, exclusively for men. And the Vors Bobblehats, don't get lost without one!