Monday, December 22, 2008

donjon wifed join viand

Our top story for the day: Donjon wifed yet another. Also in the news, another wife laughed at her life, but not so hard. First let's go to meteorologist Frank Davis with a look at our local weather. Thanks Betty. Well it sure is windy out there, but don't let THAT fool you. That's the warm front PUSHING it's way into the bi-state area. Yes folks it's going to be nearing 100... DEGREES out there today; with humidity it COULD feel much hotter. GOOD news IS, Friday's temperatures will diminish SLIGHTLY. Yes folks, summer is JUST... around the corner.

And thank you Frank for that all-around update. Will there be anyone else exciting join-ing you at the anchor desk? And what ever happened to Donjon?

That's my job, carol. I DO what I can... WHATEVER the weather. Huh, huh, huh. And I THINK ...BETTY can answer that question for us, BETTY? Thank you CAROL, FRANK. Our top story tonight concerns the man INFAMOUSLY knOWN... as Donjon. Joining us this hour via satelight in Aqueda La Har is BFS NEWSanchor, Tom STEINburker. TOM... YES. HELLO. IM STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF WHAT APPEARS TO BE ... AN ORNATE VIAND IN CELEBRATION OF THE FIFTEENTH MARRIAGE OF THE INFAMOUS SAND TYCOON... DONJON. HIS MARRIAGE TO ... NAHIRA BA-TON... 16TH DAUGHTER OF LOCAL PEASANT... VAR - NA NA NA ... HAS COME AS QUITE A SHOCK. NEVERTHELESS, IT IS SAID, THAT DONJON DESCRIBES HER AS THE FINEST GRAIN OF SAND... AND SIMPLY HAS TO HAVE HER. ...AS YOU CAN SEE, FESTIVITIES ARE WELL ON THEIR WAY... IT IS SAID THAT WHEN THE WATER... FLOWN IN FROM NEIGHBORING VILLAGE, ...CATALA ... RUNS DRY,... IT WILL BE LIFE AS USUAL, IN THE PALACE. BACK TO YOU. THANK you, Tom. Well, that IS SOMETHING, ISn't it? WOW. .. COMING uP, CLEANERS, imported from CHINA, are SAID to have been the cause of .. conjunctavitis.. Ohio woman Deloris Viles ... tells her story. Find out if YOU're just seeing things... after this commercial break.

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