Friday, January 2, 2009

confides, stick

We have it on good note that Jessica Langley, long time squirrel huntress, confides in tarot before each outing. Sources say Langley will not even think of entering any squirrel infested yard without first consulting her Bohemian Gothic Tarot since her dastardly confrontation with stick throwing squirrels in the Quim's front lawn. We are told she will not be taken off guard again.


I will only confide in you if you promise not to laugh.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hy-en welcome to Hooey, the show where you can spit and curse and still come away with nothing.

mined, mind

Have you mined for your mind? Thrice I thought I might. But alas, it is not a pleasure to seek for what is lost, when one knows one will not find it.


I bet her joints aint what dey used ta be. Shoo girl. gimme a buncha tabys anyday an I'll tell you what all.


Bad news fo' sho! He gonna lock her up in a volary, or worse! Naw, I wouldn' wanna be in her shoes even when she aint wearin' dem! Amen sista.


Sista Hyla run neked da oda day. She say the lord was wit ha. She say was da bes' thing eva happen since makin room for jesus in ha life. Mmmm-mmm. Makes ya jis think, don' it?